Traveling is educational and worthwhile, usually whether one has fun or not. Most trips burnish over time, becoming more special as time goes by, no matter the hardship endured during the trip. Sometimes the hardships are what distinguish one day from another, serving as milestones in life. A few of the more memorable trips are listed.

West Texas (1975) Pecos River Trip with my brother on motorcycles from Wichita Falls, Texas to Mason, Del Rio, Ciudad Acuna, Big Bend, and the Pecos area.
Texas to Florida (1979) R65 oil leak Another motorcycle trip with my brother from Austin to Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama from August 20-31, 1979. We were chased back home by Hurricane David, a former category 5 hurricane that struck the Atlantic coast of Florida at diminished strength.
British Isles (1980) Dennis Wood An 8-week field course in the British Isles (England, Scotland, and Wales) followed by a two-week solo bicycle ride from London through southwestern England.
Austin to Seattle (1980) Driving in my Alfa Romeo Spider from Texas to Seattle with my sister to begin graduate school at the University of Washington. Stops included Yellowstone National Park.
Seattle to Austin and back (1981)   Solo summertime motorcycle trip to visit family in Texas.
La Push, Washington (1981) La Push, WA Trip to the Pacific coast of Washington, Fall 1981.
Seattle to Austin (1982)   Moving back to Austin from Seattle to begin career as a geologist at the Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin.
Big Bend, Texas (August 1983)   Backpacking trip to Big Bend National Park
Orlando, Florida (October 1985)   Attended Geological Society of America convention
Austin to Arkansas and Missouri (May 1986)   Trip with my brother on motorcycles from Austin, Texas to Missouri.
Laredo, Texas (October - November 1986)   Attended Texas Archeological Society meeting
Gulf of Mexico (May 1987)   Student cruise on R/V Longhorn from Port Aransas, Texas
San Antonio, Texas (October 1987)   Attended Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies convention
Washington and British Columbia (August 1988)   Vacation
Austin to British Columbia, Canada (1989) BC glacial lake Summer trip to Canada as newlyweds
Oakbrook, Illinois (April 1992)   Attended SAGEEP conference
Wichita Falls, Texas (August 1992) hh100 Rode in Hotter'n Hell Hundred bicycle ride (100 miles)
Wichita Falls, Texas (August 1993)   Rode in Hotter'n Hell Hundred bicycle ride (100 miles)
Wichita Falls, Texas (August 1994)   Rode in Hotter'n Hell Hundred bicycle ride (100 miles)
Wichita Falls, Texas (August 1995)   Rode in Hotter'n Hell Hundred bicycle ride (100 miles)
Port Aransas, Texas (November 1995) Port Aransas Family trip to the beach at Port Aransas over Thanksgiving weekend, 1995.
Wichita Falls, Texas (August 1996)   Rode in Hotter'n Hell Hundred bicycle ride (100 miles)
Austin, Texas (February 1997)   Ran the Motorola Marathon (26.2 miles)
Austin, Texas (February 1998)   Ran the Motorola Marathon (26.2 miles)
Chicago, Illinois (April 1998)   Attended SAGEEP conference
Toronto, Ontario South Bass Island Family vacation to Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Great Lakes region
DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida (March 2000)   Family vacation
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (June 2001) 2001 Colorado Family vacation
San Antonio, Texas (September 2001)   Attended Society of Exploration Geophysicists Meeting
DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida (May 2002)   Family vacation
Prague, Czech Republic (August - September 2003)   Attended 9th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
Montreal, Canada (May 2004)   Attended American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (July 2004)   Family vacation
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (August 2005) hot spring Family vacation
Salt Lake City, Utah (October 2005)   Attended Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
Port Aransas, Texas (November 2005) beach Family trip to Mustang Island for Thanksgiving
San Francisco, California (December 2005)   Attended American Geophysical Union Meeting
Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Arkansas (June 2006) Queen Wilhelmina State Park Short family trip to the mountains of western Arkansas while the three older kids were at camp near Tulsa
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (July 2006) Rocky Mountain National Park Family vacation
Hyderabad, India (November 2006) Charminar Attended Association of Exploration Geophysicists India conference
London, England (June 2007) River Thames, London Attended European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers conference
Oregon and Washington (June 2007) Magic Mile, Mt. Hood Taught GeoFORCE 11th Grade Academy, Pacific Northwest (students from southwest Texas). This photograph is from the Magic Mile chairlift above Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon.
DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida (July 2007) Cinderella's Castle Family trip to Florida. This is a view of Cinderella's Castle from the back at the Magic Kingdom.
DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida (August 2008)   Family vacation
Ft. Worth, Texas (March - April 2009)   Attend SAGEEP conference
Arkansas, Alabama (August 2009)   Family vacation
Keystone, Colorado (April 2010)   Attend SAGEEP conference
Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shanghai, China (June 2010) Chengdu Attended 4th International Conference on Environmental and Engineering Geophysics workshop (Wuhan) and conference (Chengdu) and Shanghai World Expo (Shanghai). This picture at Chengdu was staged!
Playa del Carmen, Mexico (August 2010) Cancun Family vacation to the Cancun and Playa del Carmen area, Mexico. This was the kids' first trip on an airplane. The flight back to Texas left Cancun very, very early in the morning; some couldn't stay awake.
Charleston, South Carolina (April 2011)   Attend SAGEEP conference
Potsdam and Berlin, Germany (June 2011) Brandenburg Gate Attended IEAGHG Network Monitoring conference at GFZ Potsdam
Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas (August 2011) Silverton mine Family vacation
Jonkoping, Sweden (January 2012) Winter skating Midwinter trip to visit the maker of the Bureau's airborne lidar instrument
Matagorda Peninsula, Texas Matagorda Peninsula Camping on the beach at Matagorda Peninsula, Texas, during spring break
Tucson, Arizona (March 2012) Tucson Attend SAGEEP conference
Oregon and Washington (July 2012) Columbia River Gorge, Crown Point Two week-long trips with GeoFORCE students to visit a few of the geologic wonders of the Pacific Northwest. This is a photograph of the Columbia River Gorge from Crown Point.
Deadhorse, Alaska (August 2012) Alaska crew Conduct airborne lidar survey of part of the North Slope near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
DisneyWorld, Florida (August 2012) Soarin' at Epcot Family vacation to Florida, including multiple rides on Soarin', my favorite ride at Epcot.
Las Vegas, Nevada (November 2012) Luxor, Las Vegas Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting. I stayed at the Luxor.
Beavers Bend State Resort, Oklahoma (August 2013) Broken Bow Lake Family trip to the Ouachita foothills in southeastern Oklahoma near Broken Bow and Idabel.
Rockport, Texas (March 2014) Rockport, TX Brief family trip over spring break to Rockport, Texas, including stops at Goliad for some Texas history, Crofutt's at Bayside for cinnamon rolls, and Rockport for some beach time and a tiny bit of fishing.
Mount Magazine area, Arkansas (June 2014) Paris, Arkansas We spent a few days on and around Mt. Magazine in northwestern Arkansas, including a creepy visit to the abandoned house near Paris where the alleged "clown family" murders occurred.
Durango, Colorado (August 2014) Paris, Arkansas One of the highlights of this family trip to Durango, Colorado was kayaking the lower Animas River. Our eldest son showed us proper form for navigating the rapids!


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